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Icon Rethink

Nice little section of Icon magazine (who’ve made it to 10 this year – which makes me feel old as I remember clamping my hands on the first issue as a wide-eyed undergrad). I like these fantasy briefs as they … Continue reading

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Google in Meatspace

I love the work of Berg – I love the little printer, the SVK comic – I love the way they communicate abstract digital ideas in the real world, in things, in videos of things in the real world – … Continue reading

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Head in the Cloud – Lets Push Things Forward

Teenage Engineering‘s seductive electronics strike again, this time in the shape of the OD-11 speaker at CES last week. The world’s first cloud speaker shows smart thinking from the Swedes who capture the music listening needs of the near future … Continue reading

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Rain Again

After the second wettest year on record, a visit to Random International’s Rain Room installation at the Barbican seemed an apt way to begin 2013. I’ve never felt more British – happy to queue for a couple of hours in … Continue reading

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Not Another Site

12 cups of tea, 3 overcast British Bank holiday days, 5 emails to web hosting support and my (limited) web design skills have been put to the test to bring you, yes you, an updated website. “Hoorah!” I strain to … Continue reading

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Greens with Envy

Really lovely 60s & 70s packaging from the in-house Sainsbury’s designers of old. This would definitely get me to eat my greens (and oranges). Full article on the Creative Review blog.

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S-wish List #003: Bob Gill (FAtRYELAGDitOitB)

I read a post here by this talented fellow (Jamie Wieck).  It really made me want to get my mucky mitts on said book (Forget All the Rules You Ever Learned About Graphic Design, including the Ones in this Book … Continue reading

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