02 Work

Recent-ish things in no particular order (more here):


TATE ‘Untitled’ Baby Bib, 2010

Canvas print bib perfect for all those budding young Pollock inspired artists.

‘Untitled’ Bib*

*Food splatters not included.  To restore the canvas, simply wash at 60C.
On sale NOW at all Tate Gallery gift shops.


SUCK UK Wishy-Washy Soap, 2009

Wishy-Washy: A magic lamp shaped soap which playfully translates
the action used to lather…but be careful what you wish for..!

On sale NOW from Suck UK


WEARABLE TOOLS Workshop T-Shirts, 2007

Wearable tool T-shirts offer a practical solution in the workshop.

Rough Measure is printed with a 1:1 ruler to ensure you always
measure twice and cut once.

Nice Bits ensures you always get the right drill bit.

Screwheads means the right scredriver will always be at hand.


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