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Northern Community Spirits (& Beers)

2 x reet nice businesses with Northern roots. #1 Community Clothing, Made in Blackburn The utility clothing brand that’s reinvigorating the mill machinery of Northern towns with an interesting operating model. The range is designed to be simple and timeless … Continue reading

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Interesting #001: Ghost Writer

I need a new Mac. I went to look at one of those new ones with the fancy / fiddly touch bars. I fumbled across a feature that is equal parts fascinating, equal parts frightening. This was typed, one autofill … Continue reading

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Living Experiments #001: Smart Lights – a bright idea in a tussle with muscle memory

I’m a sucker for the smart home…at least the idea of it anyway. Now I have a home of my own (complete with a somewhat under-planned wiring layout) I wondered whether a smart kit could help me solve a couple … Continue reading

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OoO: A mini Sag-battical

I’ve been working for a brilliant design consultancy for nearly 8 years.  It’s my first ‘proper proper job’ after graduating. When you’re busy being busy, even on the most interesting and exciting things, you look up and realise it’s been … Continue reading

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Observation #002: Human code / Digital code

I was looking again at the fascinating image archives of the Wellcome Collection and saw this: It’s what DNA sequences look like. It’s the work of the Human Genome Project. It reminded me how similar digital glitches look: I wonder … Continue reading

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Reith Lectures 2013: Grayson Perry

These are brilliant. Accessible, witty, thoughtful and eminently listenable. Perry is a much needed babel fish to the art world’s ‘International Art English’. Listen here while you can.

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Observation #001: Watches

In the early 2000s, the mobile phone removed the watch from the wrists of a generation who became accustomed to using the integrated clock function on their devices instead. In the mid 2010s tech companies (Sony, Samsung, and much rumoured … Continue reading

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