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Living Experiments #001: Smart Lights – a bright idea in a tussle with muscle memory

I’m a sucker for the smart home…at least the idea of it anyway. Now I have a home of my own (complete with a somewhat under-planned wiring layout) I wondered whether a smart kit could help me solve a couple … Continue reading

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OoO: A mini Sag-battical

I’ve been working for a brilliant design consultancy for nearly 8 years.  It’s my first ‘proper proper job’ after graduating. When you’re busy being busy, even on the most interesting and exciting things, you look up and realise it’s been … Continue reading

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Observation #002: Human code / Digital code

I was looking again at the fascinating image archives of the Wellcome Collection and saw this: It’s what DNA sequences look like. It’s the work of the Human Genome Project. It reminded me how similar digital glitches look: I wonder … Continue reading

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Reith Lectures 2013: Grayson Perry

These are brilliant. Accessible, witty, thoughtful and eminently listenable. Perry is a much needed babel fish to the art world’s ‘International Art English’. Listen here while you can.

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Observation #001: Watches

In the early 2000s, the mobile phone removed the watch from the wrists of a generation who became accustomed to using the integrated clock function on their devices instead. In the mid 2010s tech companies (Sony, Samsung, and much rumoured … Continue reading

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Icon Rethink

Nice little section of Icon magazine (who’ve made it to 10 this year – which makes me feel old as I remember clamping my hands on the first issue as a wide-eyed undergrad). I like these fantasy briefs as they … Continue reading

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Built for Repair

There’s a bit of a buzz around Nokia’s decision to openly release the Lumia design files for those of us who fancy a tinker (and have a 3D printer) to create our own personalised cases. It’s a nice nod back … Continue reading

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