Northern Community Spirits (& Beers)

2 x reet nice businesses with Northern roots.

#1 Community Clothing, Made in Blackburn

The utility clothing brand that’s reinvigorating the mill machinery of Northern towns with an interesting operating model. The range is designed to be simple and timeless so that the co-operative of Blackburn based manufacturers who are facing fast-fashion demands from clients can continue to produce Community Clothing runs and maximise efficiency in downtime.


Repurposing the “Controlled Commodity” label seen in British clothing rationed during and after WW2, the 2 Cs are given new life as “Community Clothing”.

#2 The Pilcrow Pub, Manchester

This boozer in Manchester is more than just a place for a pint and packet of pork scratchings – it’s a project pub. A project to help build a new community around the northern side of Manchester…that was built by them.

An army of thirsty volunteers with no prior experience (luckily led by expert craftspeople) built the enitre pub through a series of learning workshops – building the bar from scratch and in turn build bonds in a new neighbourhood.

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