Observation #001: Watches

In the early 2000s, the mobile phone removed the watch from the wrists of a generation who became accustomed to using the integrated clock function on their devices instead.

In the mid 2010s tech companies (Sony, Samsung, and much rumoured Nokia and Apple…?) are trying to resurrect a behaviour their devices superseded.

And maybe that’s my problem with smart watches and glasses – they feel a little clunky,  superfluous perhaps – adhoc solutions, uncomfortable attachments. I don’t doubt that digital devices will continue to integrate more seamlessly into our lives and that wearables seem like the logical extension, augmenting the body to enhance, streamline or aggregate experiences, but I wonder whether these devices can convince consumers and can yet resonate with human behaviours.

Just something I noticed and pondered, then stumbled across this, which is a nice perspective by Dan Southern on the subject.

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