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S-Wish list #004: Falcon Enamelware

This has left me Pie-eyed. Mmm Falcon enamelware. Advertisements

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Today, courtesy of Technology Will Save Us and the lovely Dan and Bethany, I learnt to make my very own Thirsty9000 (aka plant moisture monitoring device). A plaster cast sensor, a resistor, transitor and an LED powered by a solar … Continue reading

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This promises a lot of potential and is a pretty incredible piece of programming. Bjork’s Biophilia app/album – a universe of interactive hubs for as yet unreleased plug-ins showcasing her new material and offering listeners to create their own soundscapes. … Continue reading

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This is great. It’s really charming. A comic adventure with a hidden story only revealed in accompanying under-the-bed-covers-so-mum-doesn’t-tell-me-off-UV-torch. It also happens to be a collaborative project from the flipping fantastic Berg.

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News of the Word

I really like this site. Not only do I keep on top of journalist jargon and hopefully learn a long word every day, but there’s also a smashing new hue on every post.  Right enough of my pontification…just bung it … Continue reading

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Love is What You Want

I went to see the Tracey Emin show at the Hayward a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed it. Her work is brave and honest and that’s quite nice. Although too much for the middle aged conservative chap who was … Continue reading

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Lazy Brown Dog

To reflect my abhorrent laziness of late, I have decided to return with some type love. This is nice. It’s made by these people (Colophon Foundry). They have also designed a magnificent maritime poster. I feel a shanty coming on…what … Continue reading

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